Title: Shelter

Artist: The XX

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Most criminals, the majority of criminals kill for money, to get money for drugs. Some are not in their right minds, some are drunk, they kill for greed, lust, and things like this and, so, no, I don’t think it acts as a deterrent because a criminal rarely thinks about his own death when committing a crime where such emotions as rage and hatred take hold of him. So, very little thought is given to his own demise when such feelings are raging inside of him at the time that he commits a murder or a crime. See, governments kill with impunity and sometimes they choose killers to go out and kill people for them. They justify it, they rationalize it, they pin medals on killers. Well, if you don’t have a license to kill for the government, they won’t pin a medal on you but they’ll put you in the gas chamber.”

- Richard Ramirez on being asked if the death penalty is a deterrent.


Serial Killers on the cover of the Daily Mirror over the years, (From top to bottom):

  1. Dennis Rader (The BTK Killer).
  2. Ted Bundy.
  3. Jeffrey Dahmer.
  4. Dennis Nilsen.
  5. Collin Ireland (The Gay Slayer).
  6. Peter Sutcliffe (The Yorkshire Ripper).
  7. Robert Black.

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Shot by Olivia Hemus for Metro Magazine



I’ve never seen so much teenage angst in one picture.

Title: You can’t sit with us (yes we know there’s 20 spare chairs behind este, you still can’t)


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